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Letters & Notes

"I lived at the transition house for a period of time, at first I wasn't very sure on how this would help me, but I also wasn't in the best head space, I was living in a place that was unsafe and unhealthy; drugs and alcohol, abuse and constant violence. So going somewhere that was new and seemed slightly promising was more than unsettling, it's a new change, it was a safer environment than what I was previously in but none the less I moved into the transition house and was fortunate to be surrounded by great staff that always helped me when I couldn't help myself, listened to me even if what I had to say wasn’t relevant to moving, even if it was personal problems I was having; they were always there to support me and offer advice and resources. They helped me to feel better about myself, my situation and to keep pushing towards the future. The transition house offered me a safe place to stay while I figured out my path for college, while I got a job and was able to provide for myself again. Then they stayed with me throughout the struggle of finding suitable housing. My experience at the transition house was a pretty positive one, I was able to develop trust in the staff and accept their guidance. I was able to test my patience and limitations with other residents, learning more about my behaviours when it came to interacting with them. In summary the transition house helped me stay alive, it got me out of a dangerous situation and put me into a safe environment that helped me grow, heal and move onto a path for a brighter future; a future that is in my control."
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