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"Thank you for saving my life guys, ill always be grateful for everything everyone helped me out with, xo you guys truely do an amazing thing for our community" – A former resident
"hey thanks for helping me get my life back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" A former resident
"Choices helped me get my life back on track. The staff helped me set goals and assisted me in what I needed to do to accomplish them. If I needed information or resources, it was provided. I also received lots of encouragement."A former resident
"I just want to say thanks for everything you guys do for us! I don't know where I would be without you guys! I'm really sorry about what happened and I'm trying my hardest to get back on the right track it's just really hard! I really like it how I can talk to you guys! I'm not 100% positive what I would do without you guys, you guys are the only people that have ever cared for me so you guys mean alot to me, I know, may not show it all time but truly I really do love you guys!"A former resident
"I remember way back when I first came 2 CHOICES Youth Shelter. Fresh out of Jail and on 2 different bail conditions. boy was I a trouble maker But nothing changed I ended up getting some more charges getting more bail and back 2 Jail. the whole time I was staying at the shelter I was drinking and doing drugs. Then I met my future case manager I stayed up all night talking to her and the next day she became my case manager. She really helped me alot like picking me up at the police station (4 Questioning) We ended up talking about my drug use and rehab came into the conversation. A few months later I was on my way to the capitol city (Ottawa) for a 6 week rehab program. I passed with flying colours. I then came back 2 Orangeville for 2 weeks. My case manager and I talked about me going back 2 the rehab to live there for 6 months in second stage. so all in all I would like to say thanks to CHOICES and all the staff there. I would to make a big thanks to my case manager because if it were not 4 her I would be dead. so thanks CHOICES and CHOICES staff and my case manager I owe you my life."A former resident
"As a person living in a shelter I found that there are all kinds of difficulties in finding affordable housing. I assumed that subsidized housing was for people that needed a place to stay for emergency situations. But it turns out that there is a wait for approximately 3 years. Now what is a person supposed to do in the mean time. Live in a shelter. I went to a couple of youth coordinators. One of the suggestionis that I got was a loan from the bank. They really didn't listen to what I had to say. They just recomended people that I should go to but they really covered the problem but they didn't solve anything."A former resident
"I want to thank all the staff for all the help and putting me in the right path to get my room and for the basics in life alone. It was great to know you all I'll come by all the time for sure or when I get a chance. Again I wanna thank you so much for everything."A former resident
"hello over there in canada, lol. i don't think you got my last e-mail back in march or april, but, just incase you didn't, i just wanted to say thank you for all your help, through my rough times, but i have also had the best times while residing at your shelter... I have had some life changing experiences, now i'm going great, i now am working on getting my own apartment with a girl i met, and hopefully starting a family... I work at an indoor amusement park, and i'm almost at supervisor position, and it's only been a month. when i got here, i almost died, well technically i did cause i apparently stopped breathing for 10 minutes, all because my insulin died on the plane, and i didn't know, but now, everything is great, i have a job, i have a great lady by my side, and i'm finally happy... if you remember correctly, when i was there, i was almost all the time depressed, not any more, because if i do get that way, i think back, and ask myself, what would the shelter say? then i remember what you guys always said to me, keep you head up, and don't hit anybody. lol, i'm living my life the way i would always imagine it, and it's all thanks to you guys. I have also been clean off drugs for 7 months, and i don't drink anymore, now i just gotta work on quitting smoking. lol. Just a quick message to the kids that are residing with you now, and i will only say it once in block capitols: NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IN YOU LIFE, EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES, JUST KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS, IT'S REALLY NOT HARD, LIFE IS ALWAYS GOING TO GET BETTER, IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN AND IT TOOK ME A GOOD YEAR OR TWO JUST TO GET ON TRACK, BUT I COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUR CHOICES. you guys will always be a family to me. me and my lady are coming for a visit soon, so i hope you all are still there anyways, i'm off to work, i will keep in touch, regards,"A former resident
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